This is the main page for the book The Great Crumble. Feel free to come on in and make yourself at home. Please be advised this wikia is NOT intended for children under the age of 13. It will contained violence, blood, badassery, and foul language. Buckle up and watch the world fall apart from under you!

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The Crumble Edit

The Crumble

The Blight

The Return

The Drive

The Invasion

The War Edit


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Characters Edit

-Galena Mining Company Edit

John Bohen

Elizabeth Reid

Carl Menesses

-Kellogg, Idaho Edit

Michael Marder Eden

-American Government Edit

Agent Lucas

CL Otter, Idaho Governor

-Courer Mines Rebellions Edit

Fat Native American Dude

Rebellion Map Edit

To Be added

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Owner- Will3947

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